Purple and White Diagonal Stripes Rickshaw Medium Messenger Bags

A few years back I'd been keeping track of all my referrals on a Squidoo lens via pulling an RSS feed from posterous. Now that both posterous and Squidoo sites are nothing but a memory, I no longer need that RSS feed. Sadly, now that both posterous and Squidoo are a thing of the past, I find I get far fewer referrals. I bet there are many affiliate marketers that miss those sites!

For me, I don't miss Squidoo enough to join up with HubPages. I decided that instead of spending time writing content for someone else, I'd just kick up the content on this blog. I'm not a huge fan of blogging long, long posts. But I have been writing more opinions and ideas.

In the last year (or so) I check in a blog written by another Zazzler and "ex" online content writer that decided to focus on their own blog instead of other people's sites. Check out BrianaDragon Creations.

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