Thursday, March 26, 2015

#5 Russian - Как дела? How are you?

A Russian language tutorial video with basic phrases such as ... how are you?

Как дела?
How are you?

Как делишки?
How are things?

Что нового?
What is new?

Как работа?
How is work?

Как семья?
How is your family?

Как у тебя дела?
How are you doing?

А у тебя?
And you?

Answers for the question... Как дела?
How to respond ... как ответить ...

отлично - great
хорошо - good
нормально - okay (normal)
плохо - bad
так себе - so so
здорово - wonderful
всё по-старому - all the old

At the end of the video they have a dialogue and Antonia says ... Ух ты for wow. That reminds me of something Yup'ik Eskimos from around Bristol Bay in Alaska might say. I was wondering if it is Russian loanword into the Alaskan native langauges.