Thursday, February 19, 2015

University Heights Bridge in NYC

This cool photo of the University Heights Bridge in NYC was features on the Twitter Tuesday Shadows Flickr blog. He shadows of decorative wrought iron railing is beautiful. The whole post reminds me I don't spend enough time on shadow photography.

University Heights Bridge, 10.25.14

Here are a few of my own shadow photos that I had fun taking.

Photo of weathered iron in light and shadow beneath a bridge or railroad trestle near Multnomah Falls outside Portland, Oregeon.

Shadoe photo of the shadows of bunting flags falling on drab cement. Monotone photo but it isn't black and white.
Bunting Shadows on Cement Poster
Bunting Shadows on Cement Poster by annaleeblysse
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Some abstract shadow photos. The Harris shutter effect takes multiple exposures with different colored filters so that any movement shows up in a rainbow of color. This is what the Harris shutter effect does to shadows of branches and leaves dancing on a sidewalk on a windy day. I thought the patterns of colors made the sidewalk look tie-dyed.