Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tasty ABC - Delicious Alphabet - Russian ABCs in the Kitchen

In case you haven't run across the word before, "буква" is Russian for "letter". As in буква а, буква б, буква в...

This cartoon talking ABC cartoon video has words spelled out for each sample word. The YouTube channel that created this cartoon is full of videos for teaching Russian to Russian kids. It is definitely a good channel to subscribe to if you're new to learning Russian and want to increase your vocabulary watching images and hearing a native speaker.

This particular video is about 20 minutes long. If all you want to do is work on vocabulary, it might seem a little long. But, if you're still learning the Cyrillic alphabet the animation pauses give some time for typing along in Russian on Google Translate. Typing the words in translator is also helpful to see the definition of Russian foods and dishes that aren't common in the English speaking world.

"Развивающий мультфильм: Вкусная Азбука - Вкусный Алфавит, создан для малышей, с целью помочь детям выучить русский алфавит. Изучать буквы в этом развивающем мультфильме детям помогут знакомые продукты и еда. А так же мы надеемся, что красочные картинки еды поднимут аппетит малышам :)"

Find more information about Learning Russian Online.

You can find most of the dishes on Russian Wikipedia or, the popular Russian search engine.

лагман - Russian ramen soup adapted from the Chinese the 拉麵 (lāmiàn).

манты - Another Russian dish adapted from the Chinese 饅頭 (mántou) for steamed bread.

халва - Eastern desert with named borrowed from Arabic word for sweetness حَلاوة.

шашлык - shish kebab

эскимо (Eskimo Pie)

ююба - Chinese date jujube