Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reddit Russian101 - The Alphabet (Part 2)

This video by Reddit Russian 101 is a great exercise in practicing your ability to spell with the letters in the Cyrillic alphabet. It goes with their video Reddit Russian101 - The Alphabet (Part 1). They suggest in the video to get some practice in with the alphabet before these exercises. In my list of resources for Learning Russian Online, I've separated these videos in the timeline.

This video is a great reminder not just to read a bunch of words Russian and try
to memorize them. Take the time to listen to the language and try to write them down yourself. Even if you get it wrong, you'll be exercising a different skills that will help you in the long run.

I found completing the exercises #1 and #2 easy because I type using Google translate.

Don't be afraid to try exercise #3! But, keep in mind that successfully writing down the long sentence at the end of the video would be much easier with even more experience with Russian grammar and words.

As for myself, I've will set myself a reminder to come back in a few months and try to write the sentence after I have some more experience.

Exercise #3 starts about 6:50 into the video.