Friday, February 20, 2015

Леди Гага - "Водку пей" - Lady Gaga's Poker Face in Russian

Someone put up a parody video based on the style of Lady Gaga's song Poker Face in Russian.

I found it because I noticed that apparently American singer Lady Gaga got engaged to actor Taylor Kinney.

Some other words I learned via Twitter ... ШОК! - Shock!

#ЛедиГага - Леди Гага hashtag - Lady Gaga hashtag in Russian

Леди Гага выходит замуж! - Lady Gaga is getting married!

имидж - image

«Оскара–2015» - 2015 Oscars

Бейонсе - Beyonce
Эд Ширан -Ed Sheeran
Стиви Уандера - Stevie Wonder

«Грэмми» - Grammy Awards