Monday, February 16, 2015

For the Love of Jaguars - Nat Geo Live

A new video via Nat Geo Live YouTube Channel featuring a 21:31 minute presentation about jaguars by Alan Rabinowitz. The first few minutes are a bit about the history of jaguars moving from Europe into the New World. He shares some fascinating beliefs about jaguars among the Olmec and other ancient cultures as well as modern jaguar culture. He talks a bit about modern issues that have endangered the jaguar and how he got into studying and protecting this lovely animal. He shares a lot of information about jaguars such as they have a complex way of communicating with each other.

The jaguar featured prominently in a shape-shifter paranormal romance book I wrote years ago and have yet to self publish for Amazon Kindle. (So many projects, so little time.) Still, I took the time to watch this video. Perhaps other authors will find it a great video resource for researching the jaguar, jaguar culture, Olmec, central America, Brazil, or Mexico.

"Jaguars have captured the imagination of humans since ancient times, but face extinction in the modern day. Alan Rabinowitz, dubbed the 'Indiana Jones of wildlife protection' by Time magazine, has spent years seeking out these mysterious animals in order to protect them."

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