Monday, February 16, 2015

#30 Russian alphabet - Щ: the sound and the letter

Antonia Romaker's YouTube Channel has videos teaching both English and Russian. Her videos do a nice job of sharing helpful information such as this one talking about the difference in pronunciation between the Russian letter Ш and Щ. In this episode she talks a bit about position of the tongue as being what changes the sounds.

She talks about the comparison of Щ to the shch in "fresh cheese" in so many resources as being almost right. She brings up "ship" and "sharp" instead. Very helpful new bit of information, but  I think the "fresh cheese" comparison is still helpful if you think about tongue position. When I was reading books in the past that said Щ is a shch sound like in "fresh cheese", I didn't take it to mean that it is a sh-ch sound with break. I caught on that it is the tongue placement English speakers use when transitioning from "fresh" to "cheese" that can help us pronounce Щ. Note tongue placement when you say "fresh cheese" as compared to "cheddar cheese" or "bleu cheese". It is different.

Make sure to check out Antonia Romaker's Russian Alphabet playlist on YouTube for some other helpful pronunciation videos.