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How to Remove and Replace a Serpentine Belt - 2002 Ford F150 4.2L Engine

A video guide showing how to remove and replace a serpentine belt on a 2002 Ford F150 with a 4.2L 6-cylinder engine.

Custom Monogram Pendant Necklaces from Hot Mint Jewelry at Zazzle

Hot Mint Jewelry is featured on the front page at Zazzle today. Their online shop at Zazzle offers customers a chance to customize single letter monogram gold plated or sterling silver necklaces with a raised initial. There are three font styles to choose from: lower case, upper case, and bold italic. There are a handful of chain options to choose from. These samples can all be customized with any option. The sale price for Christmas shopping today is fantastic.

Gold Plated Initial Pendant on Cable Chain by hot_mint
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Silver Initial Pendant on Silver Snake Chain by hot_mint
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Silver Initial Pendant on Gold Plated Box Chain by hot_mint
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Disney Россия - Холодное сердце - песня «Отпусти и забудь»

Disney released the Frozen main song in Russian on Disney Россия. The title "Отпусти и забудь" translates to "Let Goand Forget". The movie title on the Russian version being "Cold Heart". Want to search for a site that has the lyrics? Here is how you'd type that in Russian ... Текст песни «Отпусти и забудь» ... for cutting and pasting.

Deep Discounts for Christmas Shoppers at Zazzle Today

Wow, the discount code (at the top of each page) advertising 30% off all orders at Zazzle today makes today a great time to get in some last minute online shopping! Am I alone in noticing this December is flying by?

Space 2015 wall calendars by annaleeblysse
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Katy Perry's Roar (spanish version) - Kevin Karla & La Banda (Lyric Video)

Kevin, Karla & La Banda have a YouTube account with a growing number of Spanish versions of popular songs with lyrics. In my effort to keep my Spanish language skills, I watch all kinds of foreign language music videos with letras so I can hear the words and read along.

Kevin, Karla and La Banda's account was a nice source for me to find. I also enjoy translating and singing foreign language songs into my native language. My favorite Chicano band is Los Lobos and over the years I've worked out English versions of some of their songs.

Silent Night Feat. Home Free (Violin and Vocals)

A lovely recording of Silent Night with violin by Taylor Davis and vocals by Home Free for Christmas.

Custom Black and White Patterned Wrapping Paper at Zazzle

Below are a variety of black and white patterned customizable wrapping papers via You can change background colors for a different pattern. Make sure to check out the great sales this week at Zazzle for Christmas.

White and Black Polka Dots by annaleeblysse
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Black and White Polka Dots by annaleeblysse
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Customizable Black Zigzag Pattern Wrapping Paper by designs4you
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Black and White Geometric Triangles Wrapping Paper by designs4you
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Black and White Stripes Wrapping Paper by designs4you
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Black and White Triangles Gift Wrapping Paper by designs4you
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White and Black Interlocking Rings Wrapping Paper by designs4you
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Black and White Interlocking Rings Gift Wrap Paper by designs4you
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