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Wizard Rock at Bandon, Oregon

If you ever get the chance to wander around the Oregon Coast, perhaps one place you'd love to catch at sunset is Wizard Rock at Bandon, Oregon. Bandon is about 30 minutes from Coos Bay. The last time I was in those parts I spent some time in Coos Bay. They have a lot of motels, hotels and even casino options in Coos Bay.

Wizard Rock - Bandon, Oregon 36" x 24" Canvas Print by Wild_Journeys
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Sea Stacks at Bandon - Sunset on the Oregon Coast Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Wild_Journeys
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Bandon Sunset Canvas Prints by Wild_Journeys
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Blue Dusk - Pacific Sunset at Bandon, Oregon Canvas Print by Wild_Journeys
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Pacific Sunset - Bandon, Oregon Stretched Canvas Prints by Wild_Journeys
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