Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Hit It Rich! Casino Slots

Yesterday one of the Zynga apps Hit It Rich! Casino Slots I like playing every now and again was offering a Cyber Monday deal to buy $500 worth credits. I wonder how many takers they had?

Having plenty of experience living and visiting Nevada, I've known for a long time that every $500 I spend gambling in a "real" casino pretty much ends up $500 spent gambling. But at least there is the potential that I can walk into a casino and walk out pile of cash. Most of the time gambling is entertainment, but those lucky days of winning real money do come around. I can't imagine spending $500 for fake gambling where there is no chance of winning money that I could stuff in the proverbial cookie jar.

I mostly keep up with getting the free credits we earn on Hit It Rich! and play the slots for free. Zynga has this app designed so that I've never accidentally purchased credits. The app is a fun way to pass time when I'm stuck waiting.