Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Photo Quality 4x4 One Inch Circle Collage Sheets for Bottle Cap Jewelry

Looking for digital collage sheets for personal and commercial bottle cap jewelry and pendants? At Zazzle.com you can find pre-printed 4" x 4" collage sheets on photo-quality paper, offering 9 circles just over 1-inch in diameter. Being printed on photo quality paper they're great for scrapbooking projects. I have tested these designs, and each circle is created slightly larger than 1-inch so there is plenty of room to make a clean 1" punch with crafting tools.

This collage sheet is set up so that you can add nine of your own square format images.

Some one inch peace symbols for bottle cap jewelry. You can customize the background colors in most cases.

You'll find some other designs such as cartoon frogs against green and white polka dot background.