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New Customizable May28th Wrist Watches at Zazzle

Brand new customizable May 28th wrist watches are available at this weekend. The new watches come with sixteen different colors for the band to choose from. Below are three samples with yellow, turquoise and purple but there are other colors available.

In my own shop's wrist watch section I've been adding some colorful watch face numbers to work with some of my own art and photos ... setting those to accept your digital photos or artwork if you'd like to customize them.

Swimming Pool by annaleeblysse
Browse more Urban May28th Watch

Yellow Gold Numbers Photo by annaleeblysse
Look at more Yellow May28th Watch at zazzle

White Numbers with Photo by annaleeblysse
See other Purple May28th Watch at zazzle
Another feature of these customizable watches by May 28th is that you can mix and match strap and keeper colors independently of each other to create a unique look. Below is a watch with yellow and green top, bottom and keeper in two different combinations.

Yellow and Gre…

Add Your Photo 2014 Calendar Poster at Zazzle

Add your own digital photo or artwork to create a 2014 wall calendar poster. You can also choose the "customize it" feature to change the dimensions of the poster or background color.

Add a Photo 2014 Calendar Poster by annaleeblysse
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