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Customizable Keep Calm and Marry BLANK Premium Gift Box

Keep Calm and Marry Jon Premium Gift Box by weddings4you
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Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Wedding Shirt

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Wedding Shirt by disney
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Cute cartoon in Disney store featuring a wedding scene between Mickey and Minnie.

Cheshire Cat Disney Poster

Cheshire Cat Poster by disney
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A pink Cheshire Cat design from the original Alice in Wonderland characters from Disney. I saw a nice referral go through for this one today, as if the customer opted for a frame.

Taos Hum

Saw on the news yesterday that researches in the UK are going to look into what causes the Taos Hum ... the unknown sounds that happen in various places in New Mexico and Britain. My first thought ... put the guys on Ancient Aliens in charge of the investigation. The history and legends from that region are full of stories of star people. Here is some more info via Huffington Post.

New Mexico Postcards by ZiaSun
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Chibi Superman Flying Reusable Water Bottle

Chibi Superman Flying Reusable Water Bottle by JusticeLeague
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This water bottle is featured on the front page at Zazzle right now for a summer sale.
Great colors! Perhaps it isn't the best gift for super manly men ... but cute none-the-less.