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When I was in the 7th Grade....

Black wall mounted rotary phone - North Haven Island, Maine, originally uploaded by fsmphoto. Right now on Twitter #BackIn7thGrade and Kurt Cobain are both trending. Made me realize that when I was in the seventh grade, chances are almost certain Kurt Cobain was in the 7th grade too.

Here are some other noticeable differences...

When I went to the movies, I didn't have to watch five different reminders to turn off my cell phone. I couldn't interrupt others because the family phone had had a rotary dial and it was attached to a wall at home by cords.

We actually had to be home to know someone tried to reach us by phone because we didn't have an answering machine.

We still got plenty of phone calls though. So many that back then people would do things like go to the movies just so they could get away from the constant ringing of the phone!

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Red Tulips Mousepad by Bebops
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Kaleiodscope Seamless Tile

Roses Seamless Tile, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse. The iPhone app Kaleidomatic can be used to create kaleidoscope digital art seamless tiles. This sample matches the theme at my Twitter account right now.

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