Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ornament Border Shapes for Your Zazzle Store

Are you new to Zazzle and want to sell custom photo ornaments in your online shop? I'll pass on the the simple borders I've created that fit the ornament shapes for $5 via my gig at Fiverr.

What you'll get with this gig are 2400x2400 PNG format border images that work with the star, heart, round, rounded square, oval and even some that work on the T-shirt. The borders you receive will be plain black, ready for you to fill with your own favorite colors and patterns to create your own products.

You can use this border shape set only for your creations for commercial purposes in your store, but can't re-sell these digital files.

Here are some sample ornaments created with the borders that you'll receive. If you check each product page, you'll notice some shapes work well with more than one ornament shape.

Blue Star Burst Border Christmas Ornaments
Blue Star Burst Border Christmas Ornaments by annaleeblysse
Check out Border Ornaments online at zazzle

Friday, March 29, 2013

Card Symbols Wall Stickers

Create your own custom Walls 360 Custom Wall Decals at They are available in several size options. Below are samples with a set of card symbols ... or a black club, black spade, red heart and red diamond alone.
Card Symbol Shapes
Card Symbol Shapes by designs4you
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Red Plain Heart
Red Plain Heart by designs4you
Check out additional Wall Skins
Red Diamond
Red Diamond by designs4you
See another Room Decal online at

Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Spoiled. Rotten' Doggie T-Shirt

'Spoiled. Rotten' Doggie T-Shirt
'Spoiled. Rotten' Doggie T-Shirt by HaleyLynn1993
See all the dog clothes at
What a cute tee for a puppy I found featured on the front page at Zazzle.
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Perfect for Any Occasion Like Graduation! LAST DAY!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Effexy is Now Available for the iPhone

A blue, white and black sample using the effect called liquify available in the new iPhone app called Effexy. It's just 99 cents in the App Store.