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New Crowdfunding Site Fundable Helps Startups Take Off - Crowdfunding for Startup Businesses on Fundable

Cute Zodiac Mousepad Series by Caramel Critters

I ran across a cute Zodiac symbol mousepad at Zazzle today for my own astrology sign. Whatever your sign is, Caramel Critters has a series based on the twelve symbols of the Zodiac. For each astrology sign there is a colorful, simple and cute Kawaii style design.

Aquarius Mouse Pads by CaramelCritters
Create your own photo mouse pad online at Zazzle.
Aries Mouse Pads by CaramelCritters
View Aries Mousepads online at zazzle
Cancer Mouse Pad by CaramelCritters
Make your mouse pad custom online at
Capricorn Mousepads by CaramelCritters
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Gemini Mousepad by CaramelCritters
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Leo Mousepads by CaramelCritters
Check out other mouse pads for computers online at Zazzle.
Libra Mouse Pad by CaramelCritters
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Pisces Mousepads by CaramelCritters
Look at more Astrology Mousepads at zazzle
Sagittarius Mousepad by CaramelCritters
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Star Trek theme song played on a Musical Saw

The Saw Lady playing the Star Trek theme, found via a tweet. This video reminds me of an old friend that was also a musician AND a Trekkie.

Should You Use The SNOOZE Button?

An interesting video talking about effective sleep habits. [via]

The narrator says: "In an unimaginable world without alarm clocks ... our bodies would simply wake up natural."

Those people that can imagine a life of self-employment can go to sleep when they want. Well, unless they have children.

Space Clocks

Purple Magic Stars Round Clock by annaleeblysse
Look at more Violet Wall Clocks at zazzle

I saw that "space clocks" are being featured today on the front page. Above is just one sample of some digital space art in my own online store.
See more at my Google page  +Annalee Blysse Photos and Art

SphereLens Clouds Sample

SphereLens Clouds Sample, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse.
Sample image of a blurred edge sphere created with the iPhone app SphereLens by Salamander Factory Co.

The SphereLens app is currently free for the iPhone in the AppStore. The app is simple in that it applies a sphere effect to images you've taken with your iPhone. There are a few variations that can be made such as the sphere, or you can have a solid or blurred edge to the sphere. If you're looking for a way to create one sphere in the center of an image, this free app is for you.

Alien Snake Skin Gift Box


America Teaser & CPAC Speech

Dinesh D'Souza discusses his upcoming movie America at CPAC.

Turquoise Seahorse Tile Pattern iPhone 5 Case

Turquoise Seahorse 2 iPhone 5 Case by silhouette_emporium
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Turquoise seahorse tiled pattern on an iPhone 5 case.

How to Kill Birds

Windmill farm on the way to LA, originally uploaded by daisyjellybean. Windmills have killed hundreds of thousands of birds in the US yet wind only produces a fraction of the energy we need. As we increase wind energy, I wonder how many species will we threaten?

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