Saturday, December 21, 2013

Custom Radial Gradient Cutting Boards

Pink Red Gradient
Pink Red Gradient by annaleeblysse
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I saw a new shop keeper ask in forums a question about why should we layer components of a design using Zazzle's system versus creating one image with software and uploading a completed design to our shops.

I create items with both outcomes in mind. We don't have to design with an either-or mind set when it comes to how to create products for sale at Zazzle.

In my shop I created a folder full of many customizable round radial gradient cutting boards that are designs with transparent PNG files so that customers can pick their own background color. I could have easily created a gradient where the colors were set, but this one above is more likely to sell to a customer that sees the design and thinks "if only the pink was a little lighter". Having layers increased customization opportunity.