Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 Wonderfully Weird Zazzle Finds

Mashable published 10 Wonderfully Weird Zazzle Finds earlier today, linking to the mirrored Zazzle UK site. Just in case you are a US shopper looking to buy a strange gift for a friend ... here are the same products at Zazzle's main site.

Lizard Tshirts
Lizard Tshirts by Gay_Art
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This guy must have met a real winner to be inspired to create this artwork. 
The Death of Socrates (expressionism portrait) Pacifier
The Death of Socrates (expressionism portrait) Pacifier by KazFunArt
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Send your baby to day care with this pacifier and if the staff don't report you to child protective services, find a new day care.
Goaboon Postcard
Goaboon Postcard by Junglegeorge
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Strange, yes, but a great of mixing photos.
Cool Hamburger Mouse Mats
Cool Hamburger Mouse Mats by roimim
Design your own mouse pads with pictures.
Zazzle ... where you don't have to design your own mouse pad with hamburger smiley face smoking a cigarette in a pair of sunglasses because it already exists.

Faucet Greeting Card
Faucet Greeting Card by AllenPhoto
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We used to have a sink that looked a lot like this when I was a kid. The cabin was old when I was young, but now it is considered a historical building.
Untitled Hat
Untitled Hat by tyitdown
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Mashed potatoes on a plate on a hat.
Suture IPhone 5 Cover
Suture IPhone 5 Cover by UROLOGISTSHOP
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That makes me not want to be sutured. I hate needles.
Singing Zucchini Mug
Singing Zucchini Mug by fullfrogmoon
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Zucchini artwork on a custom mug.
potato love mouse mats
potato love mouse mats by ehulsey07
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Heart shaped potato.