Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sell Your Designs at Zazzle on Popular Products

I was working on updating my Paint Shop Pro vs. Photoshop Squidoo lens, which had me looking for some new products to highlight at Zazzle. I found a great design but it was only available on an iPhone 3 case. Seeing all their missed chances inspired me to post another tip for people wanting to make money selling your art or photos using

It is very important to have your art and photography available on a variety of products. It doesn't have to be all the products. Your design doesn't even have to be on all the electronics cases available. But, at least work on getting your design on the most popular products.

In other words, if you're selling artwork only on an iPhone 3 cases when Apple's latest version is the iPhone 5 then you're not going to make money selling your designs at Zazzle. And when people don't make sales, they get discouraged and give up.