Inspiration for Photographers

The photo blog at flickr this week features a really inspirational photographer named Thomas Hawk. The video is fantastic. I can't say that my own photography goals had a number like 1 million photos, but it would be a whole lot easier to meet my own goals if I worked as hard as Thomas Hawk. In a way, I did start to work harder at photography. I bought an iPhone late last year. My friends and family are giving me a little bit of a hassle over buying an iPhone because they view it as buying into that yuppy mentality of spending way too much money for my monthly phone bill. But I didn't buy my iPhone for the cell phone. What I wanted was a quality camera at my fingertips. I enjoy my DSLR, but I'm not quite the kind of photographer that wants to haul around camera equipment every day. Yet, I also wanted to capture more of the world passing by. Anyway, if you love taking photos watch this video and see someone else that loves taking photos share their story.

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