Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Give Me Love 17/52

Give Me Love 17/52, originally uploaded by sprinkle happiness.

I re-post a lot of pics that attract my attention from Flickr onto this blog, and now onto Pinterest. I was posting them here on my blog before Pinterest was invented. Who knew I'd be ahead of my time. I was a pinner when pinning wasn't cool.

Anyway, so I run across a lot of people that place under their photo messages like ... "don't use this without permission, I'll sue you."

Makes me wonder why they don't just turn off sharing? Flickr won't let people share our photos if we don't want them to. It is a feature that can be controlled.

Makes me think that people that leave those messages in the description want attention. They're like a dog person that wants the dog at their feet. Oh, please, oh, please, please, please let me pin your photo. It's so very cute. 

Some people just need that validation? Control? Strange.

(This photo isn't like that, but this cute pup can whine at my feet any day.)