Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Love Postcards

Reno Sign Post Cards
Reno Sign Post Cards by annaleeblysse
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Sometimes I see new and old shopkeepers at Zazzle show concern about low royalties for postcards. There are even some people that won't offer postcards in their stores because they don't want sales that result in a nickle or dime royalty.

I totally disagree and despite my advice recently to place images on all products they work for, postcards are one of those products that I have a few lone items in a few stores.

If you are new to Zazzle and making the decision to include or not include postcards, and what royalty to set them at ... I just wanted to remind you not to forget bulk sales. Now that I've been at Zazzle nearly 5 years, two of my postcards (not this one) are among my top 20 best-selling products of all time.

I really do love postcards. Postcards are so popular that I have created over 50 themed pages at Squidoo such as Nevada Postcards.

In conclusion, if you'll forgive the silly parody ...

Postcards: The Biggest Little Product on Zazzle

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another Quick Tip to Increase Your Sales at Zazzle

A continuation of yesterday's post

Today I ran across a lovely case store that had no iPhone 5 cases in it. The thing is, Zazzle automatically created the iPhone 5 cases for us based on our older iPhone 4 cases. Maybe they wanted more creative control? Who knows. Well, their deleting all those cases was a costly mistake. Zazzle worked with CaseMate to have iPhone 5 cases on the market before almost every other site. Those cases are flipping like hotcakes because when the phones were first released, if people wanted a new case Zazzle was almost the only place they could shop. That demand is slowing down a month later as iPhone 5 cases are more widely available. But, during the first month I made about some serious head way on my yearly goals. This is just another reminder that if you don't have the product created, you'll sell less than you could. Again, I'm not advocating that you make a case for every design or photo. But, if a design or photo looks good on cases ... you should have them in your store.