Saturday, September 29, 2012

Christmas Inblog Cartoon Cat Greeting Card

Inkblot on a clock won a TBA today ... which lead me to this cute Christmas card. There is a great sale today on Christmas cards at Zazzle that runs through Wednesday. "This is Inkblot - dressed for Christmas. Look into his eyes and feel the love."

Friday, September 28, 2012

"Won't Back Down" Starts Today

Won't Back Down - Official Trailer HD (2012) - I saw the preview at the theater when I went to go so 2016. Sure looks like one of the most interesting looking movies of the year. I'm an ex-teacher that saw part of the problem with our education system is that parents aren't involved. When I was a kid my parents were always interested in my education so I took that for granted. When I became a teacher I realized how many people just send their kids out the door in the morning and don't really care what is going on. Anyway, I'm really curious about this show and hope it motivates a lot of people to be more involved in insisting that our schools do right by our kids. Getting control of our schools at a local level would be such a huge help. I'll have to set aside the time to check out this movie. If you'd like to read more see: Morning Bell: Hollywood Steps Up in “Won’t Back Down”.

Swimming Shark Custom Skate Board

The silhouette of a swimming shark in black and white on a custom skateboard is one of Today's Best at Zazzle.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lucky Hats for Poker Players

Lucky hats for poker players. Basic Flexfit Wool Caps with embroidered card symbols diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades. Check out the fall savings offers at

Monday, September 24, 2012

Women's Shiny Cowboy Rain Boots at Walmart

Trying to get this video on my Squidoo lens ... Cowboy Rain Boots. (edited to remove an old link)

Swagbucks has a shop and earn program now where you can earn "Swag Bucks" for each dollar spent online at WalMart. You can see how many I've been earning on the front page (at the bottom) of my site.