Thursday, September 13, 2012

Orange and Pink Zigzag Sleeve For Macbooks

Bright tangerine orange and hot pink zigzag or chevron pattern on a Macbook Pro 13" custom Rickshaw laptop sleeve with flap was one of Today's Best at

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Maxine for President Gear at Zazzle

Funny political tees, mugs, buttons, magnets, posters and bumper stickers featuring the cartoon Maxine (Hallmark) for President.

Maxine for President T Shirt
Maxine for President T Shirt by hallmarkmaxine
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"I'm willing to compromise...
as long as I get my way on everything."
Maxine for President Tee Shirts
Maxine for President Tee Shirts by hallmarkmaxine
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"Sometimes I lean to the LEFT, sometimes I lean to the RIGHT.
I gotta get a better bra."

Maxine for President Tshirt
Maxine for President Tshirt by hallmarkmaxine
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"As far as I'm concerned, Congress can stick the tax code
in their private sector." 
Maxine for President Coffee Mugs
Maxine for President Coffee Mugs by hallmarkmaxine
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"Politicians may promise the moon...
but I deliver!" 
Maxine for President Poster
Maxine for President Poster by hallmarkmaxine
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"If elected, I promise to lower expectations by 50%." 
Maxine for President Buttons
Maxine for President Buttons by hallmarkmaxine
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"A woman's place is in the White House."

Monday, September 10, 2012

50% Off Holiday Cards and Invitations this Week

Early Bird Savings On Holiday Cards: 50% Off Cards & Invitations! Code is prominently displayed along to top of each page at Zazzle. Their offer ends Sunday.
Feliz Navidad Greeting Cards
Feliz Navidad Greeting Cards by annaleeblysse
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How To Create a Seamless Tile for Chevron Pattern

Via Flickr:
To create a chevron or zigzag pattern, use this seamless tile and either fill using 45-degree angle, or rotate final creation 45 degrees.

More information on Squidoo lens: