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Halloween Spider Web Ideas

Haunted Halloween Yard Oct. 31 2009, originally uploaded by Chris Yarzab. A set of photos on Flickr demonstrating how they wove this web on their lawn. Looking for some photos for my new Squidoo lens Spider Webs.

Neil Armstrong Moon Landing

RIP Neil Armstrong
August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012

Big Sale Extended Through Tonight

Creating Multiple Categories without Multiple Products

Some Zazzle shopkeepers were wishing the other day that they could place a product in more than one category that they'd set up in their Zazzle store without having to create a duplicate product. One example might be if you want orange and white polka dot patterns in the following store categories: Halloween, Orange, and Polka Dots.

You don't have to create duplicate products to get a design to show up in all three categories. Now that Zazzle groups similar items, all you have to do is move one product from a group into each of the categories. I've done that by finding products Zazzle's system is grouping together and splitting those up into different categories.

If you are a shop keeper that organizes their store by design specific categories where each design has it's own category (folder), you might be shaking your head about now thinking you don't want to orphan products in a broad categories in case you never find them again. You can still take advantage …

Computer Programmers vs the World

There were some changes recently to the "tools" at Zazzle, forcing shop keepers to enter a default size on T-shirts. It is tripping up some people and causing frustration as they memorize a new habit.

Big Smile T-shirt by annaleeblysse
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Here is my theory about why computer programmers change things like keystroke/mouse combinations and patterns and making life miserable for those of us that are typists.

Many computer programmers can't type. They have a habit of hunting and pecking when they use a keyboard. I don't think they worry that much about slowing down people that are adept with keyboards, because they were never fast to begin with. They were never good at memorizing patterns when using a keyboard themselves, so it strikes them as completely inconsequential when they make changes.

But, what computer programmers don't know is that one of the things that makes some of us typists to begin with was that we can learn patterns very quickly…

Megan Loves Her Zazzle Buttons!

Create Your Own Button by annaleeblysse
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I bet she'd sell some of those buttons Mitten's Kittens if she put them up for sale.

Zazzle's Father's Day Gifts TV Commercial

I saw this old Father's Day commercial spot featuring Zazzle via YouTube and wanted to keep track of it.

I Love Daddy Mouse Pads by annaleeblysse
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