Saturday, August 11, 2012

Digital art Created By HoMeArts

Some more digital art posters created by HoMeArts Zazzle store.

Black and White Winter Branches Posters

Digital art from the Nabucodonosor Perez Sempere Online shop at

Ann Powell's Art at Zazzle

Ann Powell's text designs, photos and digital art on posters at

Valeries Gallery Digital Art Posters

Some digital art posters created primarily with Adobe Photoshop. I keep track to feature other artist's designs on my Squidoo lens.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Facebook Cover of Hubble Image of NGC 3324

Via Flickr:
Facebook Cover of Hubble Image of NGC 3324

created using

Richshaw Messenger Bags on Sale at Zazzle

$15 Off Rickshaw Messenger Bags at ... the coupon code is prominently displayed across the top of Zazzle's site. This offer ends Sunday. Below are some space image Rickshaw Messenger Bags.

Digital Art Posters and Prints

Digital art on posters and a canvas print in Debra Schmidt's Store at Zazzle. Adding more posters featuring digital art to this lens comparing art created with Paint Shop Pro vs. Photoshop.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Olga Hutsul's Digital Art and Photography

Another update adding some digital art from artist Olga Hutsul to Paint Shop Pro vs. Photoshop lens. Olga Hutsul's Photography and Art Store at Zazzle and Olga's myworldtravels's store.

Digital Art Posters at Bebop's Place

Working on adding some Photoshop created digital art posters at Zazzle into my Paint Shop Pro vs. Photoshop lens at Squidoo. Here are some lovely examples of digital art by Bebops's Place store at Zazzle.

Purple Flower Mandala Print
Purple Flower Mandala Print by Bebops
Browse additional posters and prints from
Colorful Books Posters
Colorful Books Posters by Bebops
Design your own custom made posters on zazzle.
Tree and Distant Hills Poster
Tree and Distant Hills Poster by Bebops
Search for another posters online at Zazzle
Gone Fishin' Print
Gone Fishin' Print by Bebops
Find additional posters for sale at Zazzle
Farmer at Sunset Posters
Farmer at Sunset Posters by Bebops
Search for another posters online at Zazzle