Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stampede to oblivion

Stampede to oblivion, originally uploaded by The Family Dog.

Via Flickr:
2,500 Wild Horses to be Rounded Up in Dead of Winter
Assault Planned on Last Stronghold of Wild Horse Herds

(see more via Flickr) is where you can support. It's easy and simple ..
Thx on behalf of the wild mustangs...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

40 Years After Moon Landing: Why Can't We Cure Cancer?


The thing is.... in many cases, "we" can cure cancer in people that want to be cured. But, a lot of us don't care to utilize modern medicine until it is too late. And, a lot of us choose to get cancer. I know a lady that died of lung cancer this month about 2 weeks of going to the doctors. She was a smoker for decades and got sick, and sicker, and finally on death's door dragged her self-imposed cancerous lungs into the ER. Another lady I knew that died of lung cancer years ago was smoking in her hospital gown at the smoking section in the hospital parking lot just 20 minutes before she died. I was listening to the Supreme Court arguments for and against Obamacare this month replayed on a local radio station, and no one brought up (in the time frame I listened to) how absolutely insane it is to force non-smokers to buy insurance so their money can help pay the hospital bills of people that kill themselves smoking.

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Setting Up a Blog

Quick, short video where Tech Savvy shows how to set up a blog here at

Zurker Tour

A user-owned social network site ... Zurker. This video is a quick tour of the site.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Center of all Things

Who is "we"? I haven't bought into the concept that somehow modern man is smarter than primitive man. Okay, so primitive man in California might not have understood that the science behind earthquakes. But, it wasn't until modern man showed up that there were permanent dwellings on top of the San Andreas fault.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eclipse through Cardboard

Eclipse through Cardboard, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse.

Via Flickr:
One way to view the eclipse was through a hole in cardboard and then watch the moon move across the sun in the shadows. At the center point, could definitely see ring of light around the moon.

Dark Clouds During Eclipse

Dark Clouds During Eclipse, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse.
Via Flickr:
Don't have filter for my camera, so couldn't take a really cool photo. It was darker than normal, leaving dark shadowy clouds. But, without the glasses couldn't really tell a difference in sun.

2012-05-21 Solar Eclipse Tokyo

2012-05-21 Solar Eclipse, originally uploaded by whsaito.

Cloudy day for the Annular eclipse in Tokyo. Taken "tomorrow" 5/21/12 in Tokyo. Found via Flickr.

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire - Grand Ole Opry Classics

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire - Grand Ole Opry Classics

Almost time for today's annular eclipse. It'll be starting soon in my area.

Tiny Colorful Rosette Bag

Rosette Bag by Red Blossom (via Amazon) in 10 different colors: black, copper, fuchsia, ivory, lime, olive, plum, purple, red, and teal. Satiny blossoms on a handbag.

Measurements "Interior measures: approx 4.5 (lengthwise along the zipper) x 3.75 (top to inner bottom of bag) x 2.5 (wide) in inches. Bag measures: 9 (h) x 5 (w) x 4.5 (d) inches. Handle measures: 4.25 inches high."

The product description at Amazon: "A silk satin handbag with elegant hand crafted roses for evenings out or a weekend date. Must-have for your wardrobe to pair with dresses and jeans. It makes wonderful bridesmaids' gifts as well as birthday and anniversary gift. It is sophisticated and classic, but not going to break your bank."