Friday, February 03, 2012

Zazzle Template Refresher Tutorial

An interesting video tutorial created by a regular at Zazzle showing how to create a template product that can be used to create a set of products set up ahead of time for Quick Create. Described by by Highton Ridley - "A tutorial showing how to create a template product for use in quick create. First we use it "manually" to create a new product. Then on to using it in Quick Create. The reason for doing it manually is to show you some concepts and let you see the differences when used in quick create."

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Music video by Rick Astley performing Never Gonna Give You Up. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 2,573,462 (C) 1987 PWL

BIG MIRACLE Trailer 2012 - Official [HD]

"Inspired by the true story that captured the hearts of people across the world, the rescue adventure Big Miracle tells the amazing tale of a small town news reporter (John Krasinski) and a Greenpeace volunteer (Drew Barrymore) who are joined by rival world superpowers to save a family of majestic gray whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle (near Barrow, Alaska). Big Miracle official movie trailer 2012 is presented in full HD 1080p high resolution."

Fresh Snow in Bristol Bay 1600x900

Via Flickr:
I changed shape of photo for desktop wallpaper.

For original

Credit: NASA/GSFC/Jeff Schmaltz/MODIS Land Rapid Response Team

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Add a Price at Pinterest

A simple tip for sharing products from your Zazzle or Etsy shop at Pinterst. You can add the cost of the gift in a slanted banner across the display image at Pinterest. All you have to do is add the cost within the description of the pin, and Pinterest will do the rest.

People will be able to search by price from Pinterst. I've seen everything from small ticket items like this Keep Calm and Carry On parody greeting card on up to $555,000 homes that people put on their wish lists.

Of course, the other tip is to post other people's items at Etsy and Zazzle on your wishlists. Pinterest is set up to share cool links more than provide self-promotion and people are more likely to re-pin and promote for you if they can tell you're into using Pinterest as a sharing site rather than for promotion. The people you find pinning each and every product in their stores at Etsy or Zazzle probably won't have a lot of re-pins on their accounts.

How to Use Pinterest -- A Tutorial - YouTube

Pinterest account:

What is Pinterest? How do you use Pinterest? Great questions! This video should help clear some things up.

How to Use Pinterest -- A Tutorial - YouTube

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2012 Honda CR-V Game Day Commercial - Matthew's #DayOff

Official 2012 Honda CR-V Game Day Commercial - "Matthew's Day Off" Extended Version - Celebrating the launch of the all-new 2012 CR-V, Honda brought Ferris Bueller's Day Off back in a big game commercial. Matthew Broderick, as himself, skips out on a day of acting work and living it up in his all-new CR-V. Fan of Ferris Bueller's Day Off will smile at dozens of references to the original movie throughout the commercial. Check out #dayoff on Twitter.

"Transactions" Extended Version - 2012 Acura NSX Big Game Ad #JerrysNSX

"Jerry Seinfeld is so excited about the new Acura NSX that he will stop at nothing to acquire the very first one. Check out the extended version of Acura's big game commercial. See what else Jerry would do for the first new NSX at NSX projected debut in next three years. #JerrysNSX" I particularly liked the end scene! I won't ruin it though. It's cute.

All For One

Check out Hyundai's new commercial for the Super Bowl! They're releasing them on YouTube.

I Love My Bubbie T-Shirt

Valentine's Day T-shirts at gifts at

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Monday, January 30, 2012

BioEdge: Is it morally wrong to take a life? Not really, say bioethicists

[I]f killing were wrong just because it is causing death or the loss of life, then the same principle would apply with the same strength to pulling weeds out of a garden. If it is not immoral to weed a garden, then life as such cannot really be sacred, and killing as such cannot be morally wrong.

Does the weeding a garden analogy in the age of Obamacare make you comfortable?

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Hot Pink Kiss Mousepad from Zazzle

Sunday, January 29, 2012