Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quick Tip to Increase Your Sales at Zazzle

Chiklat Eagle Preserve Postcard
Chiklat Eagle Preserve Postcard by annaleeblysse
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A week or two back, I saw someone ask in the Zazzle forums something like this... 

What am I doing wrong? I think my designs are attractive. Other people think my designs are attractive. But, I haven't sold anything this month.

Sound familiar? It is a common question new shopkeepers ask in the forums.

I went to their store and pulled up the first pretty design I found, and the image was only available on one product. Maybe someday it'll sell if someone wants a ceramic tile. But, if you want to sell more items at Zazzle, your designs have to be on more products. Try to put your designs on at least all the most popular products that suit the image, but aim for putting the image on every product that suits the image. That doesn't mean you have to put every design on every product. It's a guide more than a rule. 

The sample image of an eagle collage postcard comes from my own store. As of when I wrote this post, I only have this design on a postcard and greeting card. What if someone wants a mouse pad with an eagle? I won't have it in my store, so they'll go elsewhere.