Thursday, September 06, 2012

Romney and Ryan Still Best in Zazzle Top 100

Last week when the Republicans were having their convention, the GOP dominated in popularity on's top 100 sellers list.

Now that the Democrats are busy having their convention this week, I thought I'd go check out the enthusiasm level in the top 100 best-sellers at

The GOP is still dominant for on-line sales at Zazzle.

This week, over 50% of all the top 100 items are either Pro-Romney, anti-Obama, or express a conservative view.

This week 8 of the top 10 items are all Pro-Romney.

There has been a change. Last week Obama didn't have pro-Obama items on the top 100 list. This week there are two pro-Obama items, a bumper sticker and a button have slipped into the top 100 and are sitting currently at 94 and 95 on the list.

Here is ... #94 most popular items right now at Zazzle.
Here is #32 on the most popular items list.
Obama Bumper Sticker
Obama Bumper Sticker by emmylouwho512
Design your own custom bumper sticker at Zazzle.

I noticed this lack of enthusiasm offline too. I have yet to see a single Obama-Biden campaign poster in a yard in my neighborhood. There were 25-30 Obama people last time around. All their bumper stickers are worn out and they aren't even getting replaced.