Monday, August 27, 2012

Do Something Poster

A motivational poster that was picked for Today's Best at Zazzle today. Designer said: "This is a realization I had while sitting in a cubicle at my tedious job and feeling like something needed to happen. I've personally got this one on my wall."

I know a lady that has been unemployed for several years. She ran out of extended unemployment benefits long ago and is living off her retirement I suppose. It would be impolite to ask.

She has told me she wants to start her own business ... someday ... after she has a job. She says that she doesn't want to have to rely on working for people or government. It would also be impolite to remind her that somehow she allowed herself to rely on other people to create her future and I don't see how that kind of independence will ever happen in her life. If being unemployed for two years wasn't enough to kick start the entrepreneur within, that entrepreneur probably isn't within.

Here is a perfect sign for the millions of under and unemployed... Even if you don't want to start a project that will lead to a small business, volunteer somewhere so that you're out there doing something with your time that can lead to grand adventures.