Wednesday, May 23, 2012

40 Years After Moon Landing: Why Can't We Cure Cancer?


The thing is.... in many cases, "we" can cure cancer in people that want to be cured. But, a lot of us don't care to utilize modern medicine until it is too late. And, a lot of us choose to get cancer. I know a lady that died of lung cancer this month about 2 weeks of going to the doctors. She was a smoker for decades and got sick, and sicker, and finally on death's door dragged her self-imposed cancerous lungs into the ER. Another lady I knew that died of lung cancer years ago was smoking in her hospital gown at the smoking section in the hospital parking lot just 20 minutes before she died. I was listening to the Supreme Court arguments for and against Obamacare this month replayed on a local radio station, and no one brought up (in the time frame I listened to) how absolutely insane it is to force non-smokers to buy insurance so their money can help pay the hospital bills of people that kill themselves smoking.

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