Saturday, February 11, 2012

NBC Bay Area - Zazzle T-Shirts, Bags, and More Made in USA

NBC Bay Area - Zazzle T-Shirts, Bags, and More Made in USA video posted by ZazzleTV from news segment that the NBC Bay Area affiliate created. See more at the Zazzle blog: Zazzle leads the way with USA manufacturing – featured on NBC Bay Area.

Zazzle is the company that I used their print-on-demand services and site to sell my own artwork and photography. Even though they create the products here in the US, one thing I appreciate is that give me as an individual artist and photographer access to a global marketplace. My customers are from around the globe. My last two sales where to a customer in Staten Island, NY and another in Arc Sur Tille, France. Yesterday I sold designs to someone in São Paulo, Brazil and then down under in Mornington, Australia. Being able to sell artwork to customers in Europe, North and South American, and Australia in a 24 hour period is a fantastic option!

Here is an example of the scope of Zazzle's global footprint. These are links to my store at, Canada, in the UK, Germany - Deutschland, Spain - España, France, Portugal, Belgique - België, Schweiz - Suisse, Nederland, Sverige, Österreich - Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Japan 日本, Korea 대한민국, and in Brazil - Brasil.