Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's Halftime in America - OFFICIAL Chrysler 2012 Big Game Commercial

It's Halftime in America - OFFICIAL Chrysler 2012 Big Game Commercial

Online political blogs and pundits on cable news are talking about if this commercial is or isn't in support of Barack Obama.

I wasn't on Twitter during the Superbowl to see who did or didn't start trying to connect this Super Bowl commercial to Obama needing a second term as if somehow he's just re-grouping for a second wind.

That doesn't matter to me, what does matter to me is that President Obama oftentimes says that he inherited the financial mess from President Bush. Oftentimes is an understatement in fact. He says that all the time.

Well, then Obama should admit that he inherited the Chrysler bailout too.

That'll never happen.

Nor will the liberal Tweet crew be making the connection and thanking President Bush.


I think that this is a great emotional commercial. But not so much that this commercial changed my anti-TARP stance. The spirit of America didn't need TARP. Chrysler didn't need TARP. In fact, perhaps their comeback would have been quicker without TARP. Chrysler will never know because they accepted corporate welfare. Actually, I think that perhaps this commercial was created to downplay their reliance of government, and try to re-instill some American spirit. I think Chrysler is trying to distance themselves from TARP.

But, I could be wrong because the CEO of Chrysler made this statement: “It has zero political content. It was not intended to be any type of political overture on our part. We are as apolitical as you can make us… I wasn’t expressing a view and certainly nobody inside Chrysler was attempting to influence decisions.”