Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Atlanta Silences Civil Rights Hero John Lewis! - YouTube

I saw a lady on O'Reilly a week or so ago that was insulted by Herman Cain talking about brainwashing on the Left. Apparently she hasn't thought about kind of behaviors you'd see in a group of people that prove they aren't thinking for themselves, and don't want to hear other people's thoughts and opinions. Some of the people in this group that are participating in the finger wiggles and repeating every word spoke with more enthusiasm than a pre-school child apparently haven't thought that they might be brainwashed either. Ha.

Interesting though is that it isn't until after eight minutes of this idiocy before Lewis figured out he should just go! I also couldn't help but notice that the guy that tells Lewis something that gets him to leave is a guy wearing a tee that says UNION THUG: Teamsters Helping Unions Grow. Makes me wonder if any of these people have ever considered that it is in part union wages and pensions that have driven jobs off shore?

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