Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elvis Presley is Still Golden


I was reading on the Forbes list The 15 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities that Elvis Presley is at #2 after all this time. In the last year, he made $55 million.

Say again? How much does Elvis earn? $55 million a year!

It struck me as an awesome achievement in light and stuck me that there are groups of people in the Occupy Wall Street crowd whining about the so-called greedy rich people. Wonder if any of them have stopped to think about why people are rich to begin with. Elvis didn't become wealthy because he was a greedy rich person. He was a handsome, talented singer that people love to this day. Doesn't really matter there there are some people making more off his legacy than others, what matters it they're still providing a whole host of people jobs in the world to this day thanks to Elvis's talent. And none, I repeat, none of it would be possible if people like me didn't still want to see his movies, listen to his music and buy cardboard cut-outs for Halloween parties. The 99% create the 1% because we want them. In stead of complaining that they got your money, stop buying stuff and sit at home and count flowers on your wallpaper.

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