Thursday, September 22, 2011

Telluride Daily Planet - BLM rounds up wild horses, one dies in process


The government is spending more money than they take in killing horses to make way for cattle. Do you think when ranchers round up their cattle on the same ground that they run them so hard that they kill their stock?

I'd say that when a rancher accidentally kills an animal out in the wilds of Colorado ... it is fair to say they were "trying to do the best job they could" to round up their cattle.

But then, I'm known for a long time that in most cases the best our government can do is not as good as private business.

It's kinda sad that more people don't care. Our government is wasting millions on the BLM's program rounding up horses with helicopters. It's easy to consider that if a round up takes X number of weeks and is costing a million bucks ... that helicopter contract is overcharging for services like the $16 muffins.

Yet, somewhere in Colorado there are five cowboys that could be given a very nice daily wage to go round up the horses on horseback without killing any of them because they'd be able to gauge the safety by what their own mounts. And trust me, this wouldn't be as difficult as they say. Wild horses are creatures of habit because they need water. Out here in the desert, they have to return to the same watering holes time and time again. Anyone with half a brain can find a wild horse in the desert. I get so frustrated at the immense stupidity of our government.

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