Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Free Twitter Follow Graphic for Squidoo Lenses

Do you Zazzle, and Squidoo? Here's a free "Follow Me" graphic for your Squidoo lenses (or web pages for that matter) that not only will add some color and continuity to each lens, but it might earn you additional affiliate royalties at Zazzle. Because you'll be using the referral system, Zazzle will be hosting the image and it is a no hassle way to add an attractive and personalized graphic to your Squidoo lenses "Twitter Follow" modules.

Get the referral links at Zazzle for Follow Me Button by bookpromotion. You can use the template to add your username at Twitter to the image, and Zazzle's referral system will display that in the image.

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Then in your account at Squidoo, add the referral code into the Twitter Follow module and change some of the HTML code as below.

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The referral code will service as credit for the image in my bookpromotion store so no other credit is needed! The image itself I have adapted from Graphics Factory and have a license to use it on Zazzle.

If you do use this image to beautify your Twitter Follow on Squidoo lenses I hope you make a referral fee for your efforts. Thanks ahead of time for the link love.

Lastly, if you'd like a different color cute tweet bird for your referral links to match a theme ... send me a message via my bookpromotion store and I'll be happy to do that.