Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Add Pictures to Tweets at Twitter

Twitter is now letting people upload images to posts (powered by Photobucket). One way to add an image to Zazzle referral links is the use the Twitter button to share the product on Twitter, but before you post the link copy and paste the text over at Twitter and upload an image to accompany it. It is brand new, so right now it is an extra step. Perhaps in the future AddThis will have a way to integrate their system and add photos? I wonder if adding images will change the dynamics of the type of traffic Twitter pushes to products. Over the years, I've noticed more traffic from Twitter, but more actual referrals coming from blog traffic. I theorize that is because when people see the picture before using referral links, they might actually be interested in the product. (Incidentally, I have that habit of adding "actually" as a filler word. I've officially passed the trait on to my 4-year-old nephew.)