Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Three Graces Modern Art Notebook from

An Avery Signature 1.5" Binder (1" and 2" also available) created in the style of Theo van Doesburg's Composition VII (The Three Graces): The Three Graces from

I see from the stats here at Blogger that someone found my blog today asking the question "do you get Zazzle referrals from Twitter"?

In answer to that question ... yes.

I have two Twitter accounts. One I use to mostly tweet my blog posts that bring people here to one of my blogs. The second Twitter account I use to tweet directly to Zazzle products.

When I look at traffic of "Linkover History" at, I'm positive that the referral code is working from Twitter the same as it does from this blog. But, I get more referral sales from this blog. Why? My theory is that the referral sales are probably coming from search engine traffic and made by people intending to shop. I think people surfing Twitter are far more likely to be curious about the topic, but weren't shopping.

But sharing the word about our products is via Twitter is very worthwhile. Perhaps someone is surfing on Twitter and finds something that they bookmark and go back to at Christmas 6 months later.