Friday, July 22, 2011

Reid: Why Raising the Debt Ceiling's So Crucial

Official video on Harry Reid's YouTube Channel the exact opposite stance of what he took in 2006. Added to the flip-flop in ideology, Reid joins Obama in a threat to little old ladies on social security. What a bully. Perhaps he doesn't think that some of us out here in Nevada realize that Uncle Sam could choose instead to not pay Harry Reid (and other politicians that gotten rich thanks to their time in DC), and send those Social Security checks to the little old ladies that squeeze by from month to month. What a politician. The worse kind. Don't blame me, I've never voted for him. My family has never voted for him. Back in the 70s my family wasn't even voting for him when he was local. We've known for decades what a politician this guy is. He will say anything that he thinks will further his career at the given moment.