Friday, July 29, 2011

Nevada's Haboob Shirt from

A couple different color options in silver and dark blue for Nevada. Arizona haboob tees are popular on Zazzle right now. Here's a funny political design for Nevadans that are thinking we've had enough destruction at the hand of Harry Reid. After 30 years of Reid, Nevada's stats are among the worse in the nation for important indicators. Kids aren't being educated. Adults don't have jobs. Homes in foreclosure. Businesses shutting down. People moving away. We got way too many empty lots where construction halted after the population exodus in the last few years that normally is prompted by real natural disasters. Actually, even though this tee is meant to be a joke ... I am not kidding about the dust! I live near a dust lot Harry Reid helped create when he brokered a land swap between the BLM and some developer that never got further than clearing away all the sage from the hillside. The dust is awful!

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