Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hoops and Yoyo Motivational Posters at

The official Hoos and Yoyo fan store at has a handful of motivational style posters and prints for sale. All of these designs are also available on other products like mugs, mouse pads, tote bags, tees, and other gift items. The prints can be purchased framed ... or even printed on a canvas rather than paper.
Smile print
Smile Motivational Poser by hallmarkhoopsandyoyo
This cute cartoon poster from the official fan store for Hoops and Yoyo at is the perfect gift for your sweetie, so you can tell them that you're in love. It's my favorite of the bunch. It makes me feel all giggly & wiggly. (Dramatization, but it is cute.) sell paintings online with Zazzle.

Happy Place print
My Happy Place Has Wifi Motivational Print by hallmarkhoopsandyoyo
A cute, bright, yellow Hoops and Yoyo motivational print would be a cute gift for bloggers, Twitter or Facebook fans or anyone plugged in. This design on a coffee cup, mousepad, apron or other gift ideas. Start selling my art prints online at Zazzle.

Personal Best print
Personal Best Motivational Poster by hallmarkhoopsandyoyo
This Hoops and Yoyo motivational poster cute for chocoholics or people that just like chocolate. sell my paintings online at Zazzle.

Team Work print
Team Work Motivational Poster by hallmarkhoopsandyoyo
Well, in this case, it's more an anti-motivational joke of sorts. Teamwork: It's not for everyone. Some people are just cranky aren't they? This is a cute poster for the office. It would make a great gift for a coworker that is dealing with one of those cranky coworkers to make them smile. You can get it on a mug, t-shirt, or other gift items at the official fan store at Zazzle. sell my artwork for free with Zazzle.

A cute but short birthday message video from the Hoops and Yoyo channel over at Youtube that you can post for friends on Facebook, myspace, or email them: Lookin' fine.