Friday, April 15, 2011

Working for Non-Profits

I have a friend that is looking for work right now, and she tells me about her trials and tribulations. She's worked a lot of for non-profits in health and education field. She's have work for health clinics, and universities ... and every job for the last 10 years has mostly been short-term because it was grant driven.

These schools and social organizations should understand then that her resume is dotted with grand-driven jobs like those that they are offering. But no! My friend had a job interview earlier in the week. It was with one of these social agencies hiring for a grant-driven project that has no promise for long-term stability, and yet they had the nerve to ask her: "Why have you worked so many places in the last ten years?"

How ironic is it that her resume is filled with the kinds of jobs that they are looking to fill ... and yet they didn't hire her because their human resources people likely decided that she has too many holes, and too many jobs on her resume. Right now she is blaming herself, but I think it is the idiots doing the hiring that are the problem.

But, then ... this is one of the side effects of a massive government.