Saturday, April 02, 2011

Not All Employers Worth Working For

Yesterday I saw one of those TV news segments that paints a bleak picture about the job search (perhaps in an effort to scare job seekers ... I mean, catch their attention so they'd watch the news show). They discussed how some positions available these days require that people to be currently employed to even apply, and that some employers are showing biased toward job seekers that have been unemployed for awhile even if they quit.

That is probably true. But, it would also true that those kind of employers are not really worth working for.

Lets say an employer has been getting 500 unique resumes or more for every one job that they have advertise for the last year or so. Do they not realize then that the other 499 probably didn't get another job the day after? Because, if this employer really thinks the current job market provides enough jobs for everyone to work then they are, to quote Sarah Palin, "flipping" stupid.

And, really, we don't want to work for stupid employers do we?