Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Welfare Ranching

Today I added Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West to my Nevada's Wild Horses lens over at Squidoo. This year has really opened by eyes to ranching here in Nevada, and how our government loses money leasing land to ranchers because they spend so much housing mustangs. This book highlights the problems with the ranching industry. It's stance is anti-ranching. But, that is the stance that must people don't pay attention too. It's easy to ignore that there are problems when driving around the country looking at those peaceful cattle grazing off in the distance. But, those sleepy pastoral scenes are costing the tax payer money and changing the face of our public lands. Because we have record deficits and need to reign in spending, now is the perfect time for the people to put a stop to the waste. Not just to save the American mustang ... but to protect our lands.

The Obama Administration appointed a former rancher Ken Salazar as head of the Department of Interior ... but these lands are not Salazar's to use wastefully. These public lands belong to our entire country and we need to demand that the Obama Administration be the one that ends such foolish spending our the American tax payer's dollar to subsidize the ranching industry. This year the Bureau of Land Management wants a $12 million budget increase! If you'd like to contact your senator and express your opinion there is more information at the Web site American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign: Tell Senators: No Budget Increase for BLM Wild Horse Roundups.