Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama Never Had Any Contact With Half a Dozen Top Cabinet Members for Two Years

NYT Magazine: Obama Never Had Any Contact With Half a Dozen Top Cabinet Half a Dozen Top Cabinet Members

I found this video today where it was discussed about a month ago on MSNBC that a source from within Democrat party admits that there were a half-dozen cabinet members that Obama failed to talk to in the first two years of office, and that Obama apparently intends to work on this lack of leadership and incompetence? Of course, they didn't use those words.

List of members of Obama's Cabinet ... 40% of whom weren't not able to get or give guidance or advice regarding the direction the White House was taking in supposedly bringing our country out of the worse economic situation we've encountered in modern history.

I wonder if a couple years back these journalists were among those that shared their opinions that John McCain had chosen the wrong running mate, because they believed that Sarah Palin didn't have enough executive experience to be Vice President?

NY Mag: Obama Has Yet to Meet With a Half Dozen Cabinet Members at Michelle Malkin's blog.

Is this what Obama meant by changing the way business was done in DC? By not involving his advisors?

I wonder who it is among these people he never talked to for 2 years.

Vice President of the United States - Joseph R. Biden ... I've seen them at functions together.

Department of State
- Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton ... Also seen Clinton and Obama in the same room.

Department of the Treasury - Secretary Timothy F. Geithner - Well, apparently Geithner is one that got at least one meeting. When the media and discussed Geithner's short-comings and basically being part of the economic problem and not the solution ... Wouldn’t Let Geithner Quit Even if He Tried, Obama Says (article includes image of Geithner and back of Obama's head).

Department of Defense - Secretary Robert M. Gates - We're at war, so, Obama can't have left Gates out of the loop? Right?

Department of Justice - Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. - We can assume that Obama had at least one meeting with Holder, and told him to sue the State of Arizona. Which, I might add, Holder did despite admitting that he hadn't yet read the very short law Arizona would be sued over.

Department of the Interior - Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar - Seeing as how Obama wants to "invest" so much in changing the future of energy in this country in part because he wants to protect us from climate change, one would hope that he has talked with Salazar.

Department of Agriculture - Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack - Since the USDA makes decisions that effect such a massive part of the US economy, and this is one area of our economy where we can and do export our goods overseas ... one would hope that Vilsack would have had a seat at the table. Probably they've talked with at least Michele Obama since she's taking on nutrition issues.

Department of Commerce - Secretary Gary F. Locke - One would similarly think that the Secretary of Commerce should have had multiple meetings with the president during these trying economic times.

Department of Labor - Secretary Hilda L. Solis - One would similarly think that the Secretary of Labor should have had multiple meetings with the president during these trying economic times.

Department of Health and Human Services - Secretary Kathleen Sebelius - Obamacare was Obama's pet project, he undoubtedly talked with Sebelius.

Department of Housing and Urban Development - Secretary Shaun L.S. Donovan - One would like to think that HUD is being kept in the in-loop during these trying economic times seeing as how housing has remained a thorn under the paw of our economy.

Department of Transportation - Secretary Ray LaHood - Since Obama wants to "invest" in changing the way Americans are transported, one would hope that LaHood is in the loop.

Department of Energy - Secretary Steven Chu - With the green energy legislation that Obama fights for, one would hope Chu is in the loop.

Department of Education - Secretary Arne Duncan - Education is a fairly recent undertaking of the president, and wasn't a huge issue during his list of campaign promises ... but still, since part of Obama's stimulus package apparently funded education (as opposed to jobs) to get us out of this mess of an ecnomy ... one would hope that Duncan had a seat at the table.

Department of Veterans Affairs - Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - A Viet Nam era Vet was up at WalMart in line the other day, telling people around him that the moment Obama took office it had been a miracle. I didn't ask him what he thought about one of the first orders of business Obama where he planned to make changes to the VA that had Veterans groups irate at Obama's private insurance proposal, though I did remember that news a few years back. Well, that article points to at least one photo with Shinseki and Obama in the same room. One would hope they've had the chance to meet again at least once since March 2009.

Department of Homeland Security - Secretary Janet A. Napolitano - If we're suing the State of Arizona for passing a law that they shouldn't have to if the Department of Homeland Security was doing their job ... then one would hope Napolitano was in constant contact with Obama.

For the life of me ... I can't figure why that if Obama himself hasn't talked with the heads of 40% of these departments ... how he justifies their existence?

Put another way ... why it is that Democrats call Republicans evil for wanting to cut spending to departments that even Obama doesn't think are important enough to involve in decision-making processes?