Saturday, February 26, 2011

AT&T Don't Text While Driving Documentary

AT&T Don't Text While Driving Documentary - This one is over 10 minutes long, but it is one of the best 10 minutes you'll spend in a long time if you've been one of that find yourself texting while driving. It just might save your life. If you have a friend or loved one that talks on the phone or texts while driving ... share this video.

If you find yourself the passenger in a car and the driver texts while driving ... how far are you willing to go to save your own life? I've actually gotten out at a stop light when a distracted driver I know wouldn't respect my wishes. Would you do that? She sure thought I was nuts but relented angrily and tried to make be feel guilty. God keep them and others safe around them in the future, but I put my foot down. If you want me around either I drive, our you stop the nonsense.