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Girl with Watering Can Postcard

Girl with Watering Can Postcard by vintage_emporium at

Same postcard at UK Zazzle: Girl with Watering Can Postcard from

From Wikipedia: "A Girl with a Watering Can is an Impressionist painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir from 1876. The work was apparently painted in Monet's famous garden at Argenteuil. It is not clear who the child was modelled on. Monet's son Jean was often in the portraits painted there, but the age is not correct for Jean." Not to mention ... child's gender.

Benjamin Franklin - Join or Die Poster

Join or Die Print by vintage_emporium
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Benjamin Franklin political cartoon poster ... Join or Die.

Join or Die Print from

Thrifty Halloween Costume Ideas

E twins halloween costumes [2007] (2), originally uploaded by jde-09. This photo is from flickr and one of my fave simple and cheap Halloween costume ideas so I featured in on my Thrifty Halloween Costume Ideas lens.

The lens ended up one of the finalists over at the SquidBoo 2010 Challenge! Fun way to get a cute trophy if enough people like the lens.

The Barney Shuffle at - Sean Bielat is Barney Frank's opposition. From description on YouTube: It takes some serious moves to avoid responsibility for the housing bubble, the financial crash, and the unemployment crisis when you're at the very center of it all! And let's not forget other scandals, like free trips to the Virgin Islands paid for by the Paloma Partners, folks that Barney directly regulates.

fear the beard t shirts from Zazzle

fear the beard by risegear
Learn how to sell your t-shirts online at zazzle

Go Giants! Fear the Beard tees at Zazzle.

fear the beard t shirts from

Correcting The Lies About Health Care Reform

I read Alan Colms Correcting The Lies About Health Care Reform article and was reminded how one of my old favorite shows on Fox was Hannity and Colms so I could listen to them hash out different view points.

Here's a quote that supposedly corrects a lie...

"Medicare: Republicans talk about $500 billion being cut from Medicare, but benefits to most beneficiaries will be as good or better going forward."

I had to go check out Harry Reid's website and guess what ...

I couldn't find any quotes to share where Reid proudly reminded anyone about the $500 billion cut.


I wonder why Harry Reid doesn't want to clarify that "lie about health care reform" with a reminder that ... yes, $500 billion from the program, but it really isn't that bad, we promise!

Nor does Harry Reid describe that Nevada will get an extra $2 billion for Medicare as opposed to some states.

Harry Reid carries a copy of the US Constitution in his inside coat pocket, so he shoul…

Handmade Farmville Models

farmville, originally uploaded by Rusty Boxcars. Fun! Photo found via flickr of handmade models based on FarmVille.

Amazing Circle Digital Art of Walker River

Walker River , originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse. Amazing circle created from photo of Walker River in California via the effect available at